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Ever heard of the phrase "spoiling for a fight"? Welcome to the… - we built this city on wank [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the world's biggest pity party

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[Nov. 3rd, 2004|11:43 pm]
the world's biggest pity party


Ever heard of the phrase "spoiling for a fight"? Welcome to the incarnation of that phrase.

Disclaimer: We're the liberals of the world. In here, we can be completely biased and intolerant. While these qualities aren't exactly desirable (or lacking, for that matter) in human nature, we believe that there's a time and place for everything. The time for a good bitching with your fellow Democrats/Independents/Log Cabin Republicans is now. Hell, maybe we'll even catch a few fisticuffs now and then with a fundamentalist flamer.

Here's the deal, kids: We were winners the first time around, and thus sore losers. This time, we're just sore losers. Give us a break. This community is for people who don't even want to pretend to be rational or bipartisan. In fact, we may not even be able to spellcheck or form real sentences amidst our hatred and blind rage, and occasional horror.

Join in, folks. We love Liberals, and hell, we'd even love Republicans every once in a while, provided they bring a hefty dose of immovable opinions with them. Remember, we built this city on wank.

Just be warned, oh ye Conservatives who may occasionally post in order to save us from ourselves - if you make a sound point, or a valid argument, or an all-around good post, don't expect people to reply strongly, decisively, or even at all. In fact, it'd probably be better to assume you'd just get judgments on your personality or sexual preferences. What I'm saying is, we might disprove you, but then again, we might not even try. Perhaps, in rare instances, someone's feelings will even be hurt. And frankly, I'm microwaving the popcorn.

- I really don't think there need to be any rules, but make your arguments legible even if they aren't real arguments at all. Please don't just post "I hate Bush omgwtflol," but instead, elaborate. Please.
- Speak your mind, but tell a few jokes too. Please join only with a hefty sense of irony and sarcasm, and remember: everyone loves a cynic.
- PLEASE BE WARNED that the moderator of this community will show blatant, obvious favoritism and will make no attempt to be seen as fair. I live by double standards. No one is safe. Sort of. That in mind, make whatever post you will, but if the almighty me deems it so, it may be deleted the next morning, or you might be kicked from the community. Just realize that it was for good reason, and if it wasn't, it doesn't matter anyway because I'm not looking for this to be a huge community. So there.
- One last bit - I really, really do like flamers. SPOILING for a fight, you guys.

Let the games begin.